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2022年6月17日星期五11:51:36 -0700
Aswaguespack对你好 // 介绍你自己 // 来自炎热的路易斯安那州东南部安东尼的问候

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来自法国巴黎和德国汉堡的问候 // 介绍你自己 // 我的名字是Hadrien,工程师和自我训练的音响技师,我从一个不寻常的门来到这个论坛,因为我的音频专业领域是非法舞蹈事件。我在法国和德国组织锐舞已经有十年了,我在非常广泛的环境中设置了独特的声学特性的音响系统。From the depth of Paris underground caves to Hamburg wide industrial areas, acoustic has always been the weakness of sound quality due to the spontaneous character of illegal raves. Because acoustic treatment is most of the time out of the equation, I try my best to position the speakers in the most relevant way to reduce reflexion and even make 3D design of locations to try different positions but this not enough to reach my goal : offering the best dancefloor experience to my guests (without killing the neighborhood).

Until I found the youtube channel of Acousticfields, my only weapons were logic, ground knowledge on physics and trial&error. I hope this forum will help me to understand better how to set my Sound Systems to improve both listeners experience and my workflow. I'm looking forward to learning more on acoustics thanks to the community and its knowledge Laugh

Best Regards,
H (Howtoraveseriously)

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来自俄勒冈的你好 // 介绍你自己 // 2022年5月28日星期六16:21:48 -0700 Dennis Foley关于沉浸式声音装置中的扬声器位置 // 讨论 //

填写信息。in this link; bob200体育 .....-analysis/ Follow the software instructions and schedule a time slot to speak with Dennis when you have submitted the room data.

2022年5月23日星期一11:19:09 -0700
noel_draw在沉浸式声音装置中扬声器的位置 // 讨论 // 大家好,无意中发现了这些丰富的知识,真的希望这里有人能给我一些关于我一直在思考的问题的见解。我是一家娱乐公司的技术创意总监,该公司致力于创造以技术为重点的沉浸式体验(我知道的很模糊)。我们目前正在建设一个新的公园,其中有一个房间的音响效果特别让我担心。想象一个完美的立方体,每条边长约5米(不是一个好的开始),半反射地板和四面墙中的三面墙由大型LED面板阵列组成,类似于大型户外广告牌上使用的那些。第四面墙是玻璃,天花板是穿孔镜面Barisol材料,隐藏了一些声学处理。这个人站在房间的中央,面对着玻璃墙,摄像机拍摄他们随着一个轨道跳舞,而屏幕创造了一个超级迷幻的背景。
我应该把扬声器放在哪里,这样它听起来就不会像一个混乱的地方(比它已经发生的还要混乱)。目前的计划是将它们嵌入天花板,但将它们安装到与头部齐高的前方会有什么不同吗?我们唯一可以添加任何处理的区域是声学透明Barisol材料后面的天花板或前墙的上半部分。< / p >

Note: It's not necessary to make the room perfect - this isn't a mastering suite or a home cinema even - but it would be good to get it as good as it can be within reason.

Any help would be amazing.


2022年5月23日星期一06:17:07 -0700
古腾·塔格·冯·西德上的auras球面 // 介绍你自己 //



我一直想知道使用无限挡板低音炮30-50?我做了很多的混合…之前我不能把底部的末端松开50-80左右,所以我换了一个固定在椅子上的触觉传感器来校准;Feel def不会说谎,它可以降到30,没问题…只是不会超过80没有狂野的颠簸…< / p >

I will now have a good space for some QRD room eq if needed but I find the idea of infinite baffle sub (with some sort of mass attenuation etc) really interesting especially considering I can now mount it in the ceiling in the centre of the room (and possibly used the ceiling shape as a loaded horn although its large). Room height is the usual nightmare of 2.5 m but is approx 6x10m

Would love some feedback about that I wasting my time; anyone else done it? I did see an isobaric done like that...and the outcome was that it wasnt extremely loud but it was very solid and went to 23 hz very nicely.
I generally monitor with calibration at approx 81db a weighted PN as my starting point so its not slamming and the dynamic space of the mixers are generally K-14

Any help greatly appreciated :-)

2022年3月21日星期一22:11:16 -0700
大家好,我来自澳大利亚墨尔本 // 介绍你自己 // 那当然使生活容易了一些。既然你住在附近,你知道有谁生产声学玻璃推拉门吗?如果有一间偶尔可以向户外开放的乐队室不是很好吗?< / p > 2022年2月23日星期三20:17:05 -0800 大家好,我来自澳大利亚墨尔本 // 介绍你自己 // < p >你好家伙墨尔本!
2022年2月19日星期六06:50:36 -0800
大家好,我来自澳大利亚墨尔本 // 介绍你自己 //

我打算在我的后院开始一个独立的建造,用于乐队排练/干扰。I do occasionally like to mix/record as well but that is a secondary consideration.
At this early stage I'm still thinking about size and shape. I have roughly 6m x 7m to play with.
My question is whether building a room with angled walls is of any real advantage in this case or just stick with a simple rectangle as per one of the recognised ratios.

2022年2月17日星期四09:34:38 -0800
Dennis Foley对BDA施工图的澄清 // 讨论 //

With the BDA build you are building a perforated absorber
and inserting it inside a diaphragmatic absorber
. With a perforated absorber
, you must have air flow. Pegboard in the states will provide the density required for the front wall"membrane" with holes that are 1/4" in diameter and 1" on center.

2022年2月14日星期一06:57:12 -0800
丹尼斯·弗利显然我上课迟到了。但至少我在这里。 // 介绍你自己 // 这是一个必须改变的信仰体系。房间招待和购买装备必须一起考虑,因为它们对你所听到的音乐有50%的贡献 2022年2月12日星期六09:56:03 -0800 看来我上课迟到了。但至少我在这里。 // 介绍你自己 // 来自Mile High City的问候!< / p >

Hello everyone,

New to the forum so just posting to introduce myself,

I'm pretty late for class but I'll try to catch up quickly and not cause too much of a disruption lol.

Anyways the reason why I've joined is that I find myself feeling a fair amount of disappointment and regret for not taking the time to take room acoustics as seriously as I should have.
I suppose the best excuse I have is that while I knew it was too complicated a subject for me to fully comprehend, I was too busy working and trying to fool myself into thinking I understood this subject enough to work with and make decisions about sound.

It's a pretty bad excuse considering how important this subject is to me and my livelihood.
So I'm here to learn.
I hope I'm in the right class.

Thanks for having me, and taking the time to read this short introduction.


-The Visitor

2022年2月11日星期五17:00:05 -0800
关于BDA施工图的澄清函 // 讨论 //

Dennis在其他地方说过“…这是一个密封单元,所以我们没有任何裂缝,我们没有任何洞。”(声波vs声射线),但我认为这是指橱柜的密封特性。< / p > < br / > TIA 2022年2月11日星期五08:43:23 -0800 祝贺你们从亚特兰大出发,途经英国伦敦、澳大利亚墨尔本 // 介绍你自己 // 大家好,我刚发现Dennis和声学场的作品。bob足球官方下载我曾经是一个音乐家(录音、巡演、教学——我猜你可能会说“退休了”),吸引我来这里的是一个在我们房子下面为我的孩子和他们的伙伴建造排练场的项目。这是一个步入式的“爬行空间”,我们将把它改造成地下室。它并不完全适合通常的听、录或看电影的场景。< br / >优点;它有一部分低于地面,而且在现有的外墙内,所以降低噪音不是问题,而且内饰平面没有建造,所以我们要实现最佳设计。< br / >缺点;天花板高度低,整体尺寸小(16'x12'x7.5'),预算低,工程师配置了2' CMU膝墙,一侧有钢筋。除此之外,我们可以做我们想做的,所以我计划在4个表面建立必要的声学管理。还有其他人做过类似的项目吗?< / p > 2022年2月10日星期四09:47:17 -0800