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Getting clues from Gawker on getting the word out

People are talking about the WSJ’s profile of Gawker’s star viral-content collector, and what the page-view numbers involved may mean for journalism (being a subset of “media”) in its continuing effort to both stay relevant and keep people’s attention. Ezra … Continue reading

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Reddit: The Front Page of the Internet, Boys Only

Photo courtesy Flickr user vandalog under a Creative Commons license So Reddit’s number-one troll has been exposed, along with the good-old-boy culture that enabled his perversions. The exposure of such a high-profile pervert as Michael Brutsch, better known as Violentacrez, … Continue reading

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Is the open Web on the way out?

Two of my seminars this week are discussing interactivity, Web 2.0 and related matters. It certainly can seem as if we're in a golden age of connection and digital freedom that will continue well into the future. But yesterday former … Continue reading

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