Kochs' Tribune Play Aims to Install a New Normal

But that doesn’t mean traditional journalistic lines aren’t being crossed. Take U-T TV, for instance. As the service launched, the paper greeted it with a special section, seemingly editorial and written as news, touting “a new frontier in news.” That’s just one example of many, of how the paper has tried use its influence to support Manchester’s political beliefs and his own business interests, well-covered in this Media Matters rundown. #

Doctor hold out hope that the professional, civic-oriented journalists working at the Times and Tribune would be an effective counterweight to the Kochs’ political ambitions, as has apparently happened at the U-T. I’m not so sanguine. A Timesman informally surveyed his colleagues and found most of them ready to leave rather than work for the Kochs. (UPDATE: HuffPo says about half the staff at an internal meeting raised their hands when asked who would quit if the Kochs took over.) #

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