It's Academic, but It Costs

I don’t read many academic journals, nor do I attend AEJMC – go ahead, Google it – or other journalism education conferences, and I don’t know many professionals who do. Far worse is the fact that I would find it hard to read those papers anyway, since most of them are unavailable online without a subscription of some kind. Sure, we’ve been ignorant of scholarship. But I’m not sure that scholars have done what is truly necessary to improve the relationship between trade and education. #

We academics are rightly pleased with the research we do and wish it were better known outside academia, BUT we tend to forget how much it costs in subscription fees to stay current with the research if you're not at a university yourself. A conscientious editor trying to ensure she stays current would have to spend thousands of dollars each year to subscribe to at least a half-dozen refereed journals.It's hard to justify that budget line when you're laying people off every few months. Yes, that's short-term thinking, but it's how struggling industries operate. We need a lot more impetus coming from the gown side of the equation. #

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