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Story Laundering

Say you're a political candidate and you want to say something inflammatory and false, but you don't want to tell a categorical lie in public. Try story laundering! Start with an unremarkable news story, such as that Jeep is thinking … Continue reading

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Reality, Shmeality

Michael Tomasky has an important post pointing out that the Republican Party and the Mitt Romney campaign are trying to construct an alternate reality where their candidate is the favorite to win the presidential election Nov. 6. This is a … Continue reading

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Reddit: The Front Page of the Internet, Boys Only

Photo courtesy Flickr user vandalog under a Creative Commons license So Reddit’s number-one troll has been exposed, along with the good-old-boy culture that enabled his perversions. The exposure of such a high-profile pervert as Michael Brutsch, better known as Violentacrez, … Continue reading

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